Training Camp

3 08 2009

NFL training camp started last week.

TO is still a Buffallo Bill, Favre is not a Viking, and Romo reported to camp without Yoko Romo.


Giving bad mojo since 2007

Giving bad mojo since 2007

Some juicy pics came across my desk earlier this week of #1 Draft pick and Detroit Lion, Matthew Stafford. Looks like he enjoyed his summer, and also enjoys boats and bikinis.



Now, I was 22 once, and when I was 22,  I spent a lot of  time in bar, but I was making $28,000 (guaranteed), not $40 Million.  Let’s hope Staffy lives up to his big paycheck. And let’s hope this is the last year that an un-proved 22 year olds get this type of guaranteed money. What’s the incentive when you already have $40 Million in the bank? Have an even BIGGER boat party?


Summer Vacation

13 07 2009

Yea…sorry…looks like I took a little time off.

What have I been doing with my time? Work Work Work and then Play with Baby Play with Baby Play with Baby.


And with a baby this cute – who could blame me?


Madeleine, your dad will be escorting you to prom.

Madeleine, your dad will be escorting you to prom.

Be back soon!

Joe Buck Show (or Shit Show)

16 06 2009

Last night, Joe Buck Live  premiered on HBO. Premiered might be a strong word – flambéed – might be more appropriate.

I don’t hide my disdain for Joe Buck. Legacies as a whole annoy me. That’s right. Gwenyth Paltrow, Charlie Sheen, Roger Clinton – they all annoy me.

So I was loving the news today about how badly the show bombed. You don’t need to take my word for it.

Just Watch


Still a hack

Still a hack

Lake Show!!

15 06 2009

Congrats Lakers! Congrats Kobe!

The City of Angels is a happy town! And to show how happy we are ( or maybe we just forgot to take our Zoloft) we are RIOTING!! I can’t think of a better way to show our love and appreciation!

Fires by 9pm!

Store-front vadalism by 10pm!


Jeanie Buss’s inane Twitter updates: unfortunately the whole season

A parade to honor the Lakers is scheduled for Wednesday; and hopefully it will go smoothly. Everyone loves a parade! Maybe it will dull out the sound of the helicopters for a while!



Something’s Bruin

11 06 2009

lots of action in westwood….

On a positive note, my brother in-law (and roommate) Uncle Dave ( aka Uncle Dbag) just got back from an incredible trip overseas. He was part of Coaches Tour 2009, which was an incredible 8-day trip to US military bases around the world. The purpose of the trip was to support the troops, have soldiers meet their favorite college football head coaches, and give mini-clinics and sessions. Coaches included Rich Neuheisel (UCLA), Jimm Tressel ( Ohio State), Mack Brown (Texas), among others..

Uncle D had the unique opportunity to be the “intern” for the trip, which included duties like packing 3,000 boxes of swag for the troops in Kansas before departure, coordinating 8 head coaches, and figuring out how to charge an ipod on a DC-10 airliner. To Uncle D’s credit, he even managed to keep a blog about his 8 days through Germany, Spain, Iraq and Turkey. A truly one-in-a-lifetime experience. I even offered to help him do his laundry when he got home. I know, I know, where do I find the compassion?

On a different note, (and when I mean different, I mean “what the fuck” note). While listening to Dan Patrick this AM, UCLA sophomore  quarterback Chris Forcier was on defending his press release  stating that he is leaving UCLA to transfer to Furman University. Waaah? What’s the big deal? Who is this kid? And why is he talking to Mr. Mane?


Lots of product in that mop

Lots of product in that mop

Then, I got home and read the the press release.  Or should I say “fact release”. OMG – cmon kid, at least use spell check! As Uncle D works closely with the quaterbacks, I cannot wait to hear the inside scoop on this one. I will keep you posted. 

In the meantime,

FACT: When in doubt, just drink more wine. It’s the secret to living with a toddler and your brother-in-law.

Boy Gets His Vitamins ( round 2)

4 06 2009

Well, you have to hand it to David Stern. I have been hooked to the NBA playoffs since Round 1 Boston v Chicago. I think my Chicago friend summed up the series best by saying

” Loving Joakim Noah right now, she’s awesome!”

For the past six weeks, all the chatter eventually moves toward Kobe v Lebron. Lakers v Cavs in the Finals. It was going to be stuff that sports journalists dream  and marketing executives dream of – the meeting of the two best players in the NBA – would the elder statesmen prevail? Or would the torch be passed to the new face of the NBA?

Commercials were rolling out –

Vitamin Water


UH- OH. Then the prodigal son doesn’t get to the Finals ( too many State Farm commercials?)

Is  Dwight Howard soon to be anointed the new prodigal son? Last time the Magic went to the NBA finals was 1995, where they were led by the former-former prodigal son, Shaq. Ohhh – I love coincidences! Makes me feel better about being a Sammy Sosa fan.

What are the chances that he picked up a bad bat?!?!? WEIRD!

What are the chances that he picked up a bad bat?!?!? WEIRD!

Anyways – are the marketing executive crying in their mojitos because the Kobe/Lebron showdown isn’t going to happen? Well, Vitamin Water isn’t. And here is sneak peak of the new commercial airing TONIGHT during Game 1

Kudos to Vitamin Water for reacting so quickly. And kudos to Dwight Howard for having arms like Madonna’s.

What’s Next? Naked Tennis?

20 05 2009


I want to know who the investors for the Lingerie Football League are-

I mean seriously – if you are a true sports fan – this is the absolute lowpoint.

Have we reached the lowest? In order to compete with “American Idol”, or “Dancing with People Who Used to Be Stars” – has sports entered the reality arena, but desperately trying to paint is an authentic? Or is it just of horny, misogynistic, out-of-work Wall Street fuckos trying to capitalize ( no pun intended) on the NEXT BIG THING?


Because this screams authentic...

Because this screams authentic...


All the Title IX bullshit aside, 

how is this supposed to be helpful to 1) WOMEN 2)FOOTBALL 3) LINGERIE?

With names like Seattle Mist or Atlanta Steam – it’s like going to the brothel without any of the benefits.

The only “Los Angeles Temptation”  that I will indulge this month is the Lakers run to the finals.