Bat Man

12 11 2009

Hello friends-

To recognize Halloween and Friday the 13th, I have a special video for you.

Witness Manu Ginobili replace Michael Vick on PETA’S “Professional Athletes to Ruin” list




9 09 2009

 After watching Roger Federer advance to the semi-finals of the US Open, my friend Sara twittered me tonite asking

“What is up with Gavin Rossdale sniffing Roger Federer’s jock?”

Great question Sara. Although this is nothing new. Gavin has been on the tennis scene for quite some time.

Every sport has their celebrity champion.

Billy Crystal and the LA Clippers. Russell Crowe and rugby. Celebrity fans can elevate your sport –  we can thank the Kardashians for the surge in slutty Saints fans.


Gavin likes to think of himself as a serious tennis player and fan. He frequently plays in celebrity tourneys from time to time, and says he hits 4-5 times a week.

An interview excerpt from Tennis Magazine earlier this year –

Have you had to cut back on your tennis at all since the arrival of your second little one? (Rossdale’s son Zuma was born in August 2008.)
No way, I’ve got to stay good for him. Being a musician, unless you’re doing promo, your day really doesn’t start until 12 or 1 p.m. It may go on until 1 a.m., but you have the mornings. So most mornings, five or six days a week, I’m doing stuff.

Okay, okay. I am some major issues with some of the above statments.

“Being a musician” – your last top ten hit was in 1995, so I think that now makes you a “producer”.  

Also – “most mornings I am doing stuff” – does that include spending time with your kids if you are out all night? Or is this when you get in your tennis time?


I guess you are doing sit-ups 5 days a week instead of carpool

I guess you are doing sit-ups 5 days a week instead of carpool

I don’t blame the guy – he should be staring in the new “Househusbands of Hollywood” show – with Gwen raking it in from music and her clothing line – all Gavin has to do is sit around and be British.

So, since Gavin has some time on his hands – what better way to spend it then by becoming a rabid fan of the #1 mens tennis player in the world.  It appears that where Roger goes, so does Gavin.


Why the fuck are you waving? Are you the Queen?

Why the fuck are you waving? Are you the Queen?

Is he just trying to sit close to Brooklyn Decker?

Is he just trying to sit close to Brooklyn Decker?


Gwen: "Don't Speak"

Gwen: "Don't Speak"


Mirka finally says "ENOUGH!"

Mirka finally says "ENOUGH!"

So take note my friends. When you finally become rich and famous, and then become not famous but still rich, but then marry someone who allows you to become even richer – it is important to take up an important cause. This cause will continue to keep you relevant in the public’s eye, even if it continues to remind the public that you are a total douche-bag.

Training Camp

3 08 2009

NFL training camp started last week.

TO is still a Buffallo Bill, Favre is not a Viking, and Romo reported to camp without Yoko Romo.


Giving bad mojo since 2007

Giving bad mojo since 2007

Some juicy pics came across my desk earlier this week of #1 Draft pick and Detroit Lion, Matthew Stafford. Looks like he enjoyed his summer, and also enjoys boats and bikinis.



Now, I was 22 once, and when I was 22,  I spent a lot of  time in bar, but I was making $28,000 (guaranteed), not $40 Million.  Let’s hope Staffy lives up to his big paycheck. And let’s hope this is the last year that an un-proved 22 year olds get this type of guaranteed money. What’s the incentive when you already have $40 Million in the bank? Have an even BIGGER boat party?

Boy Gets His Vitamins ( round 2)

4 06 2009

Well, you have to hand it to David Stern. I have been hooked to the NBA playoffs since Round 1 Boston v Chicago. I think my Chicago friend summed up the series best by saying

” Loving Joakim Noah right now, she’s awesome!”

For the past six weeks, all the chatter eventually moves toward Kobe v Lebron. Lakers v Cavs in the Finals. It was going to be stuff that sports journalists dream  and marketing executives dream of – the meeting of the two best players in the NBA – would the elder statesmen prevail? Or would the torch be passed to the new face of the NBA?

Commercials were rolling out –

Vitamin Water


UH- OH. Then the prodigal son doesn’t get to the Finals ( too many State Farm commercials?)

Is  Dwight Howard soon to be anointed the new prodigal son? Last time the Magic went to the NBA finals was 1995, where they were led by the former-former prodigal son, Shaq. Ohhh – I love coincidences! Makes me feel better about being a Sammy Sosa fan.

What are the chances that he picked up a bad bat?!?!? WEIRD!

What are the chances that he picked up a bad bat?!?!? WEIRD!

Anyways – are the marketing executive crying in their mojitos because the Kobe/Lebron showdown isn’t going to happen? Well, Vitamin Water isn’t. And here is sneak peak of the new commercial airing TONIGHT during Game 1

Kudos to Vitamin Water for reacting so quickly. And kudos to Dwight Howard for having arms like Madonna’s.

“Mother’s Day Massacre”

12 05 2009

Massacre – what a wonderful word to describe Mother’s Day.

Could I be referring to the “massacre” of bird poop that landed on my husband while we were taking a morning stroll on the beach on Sunday? On our way to grab a coffee with our toddler daughter – while at the same time trying to convince each other that her food-tossing, shoe- throwing, and bath-water -drinking, is perfectly normal – a bird relieved himself 5 inches away from me. Thankfully, hubby was there to burden the pain, and his “Oh…shit” sent me running into the street.

Would you believe me if I told you that the shit landed on his wedding ring? And that he described the shit as “hot”. ( For clarifcation,  he didn’t mean it as “Girl, your shit is HOT. He meant it as “Honey, that oven that you’ve had your head in for 30 minutes is HOT.”)  



Hot Poop on the Loose!

Hot Poop on the Loose!



Now, I have unfortunately had a few run-ins with infant shit, and usually the smell overpowers any other sensory receptor, so I cannot comment on the temperature. All I know is that the irony was too much for me on this Mother’s Day. Was it  a sign? Is Mother’s Day a bunch of hot poop? Is our marriage a even bigger bag of  hot poop? NOPE – turns out it was just a precursor for the afternoon Lakers game. Which turned out to be the hottest, biggest bag of poop of the day.

Down by 32 at half – we had to turn it off – it was too hard to watch. LA sports people are referring to Sunday’s game as the “Mother’s Day Massacre” -a very fitting name.

It’s countdown to tip-off in Game 5. I just hope Kobe and co. show up tonight. And I hope the elusive bird holds his business for his fly-over of Brentwood or Bel-Air.

Boy Gets His Vitamins!

29 04 2009

If you were watching NBA playoffs this weekend, then chances are you saw the new Vitamin Water commercial featuring Kobe and Lebron


Join the Great Debate here

 Kobe or Lebron?

I vote Kobe

Twitter Mania

26 04 2009

The NFL draft was yesterday – well, technically it’s still going on today – but who really cares about rounds 3-7?

Yesterday, I also received more than 700 updates via my Twitter account. I follow a lot of sports people, and it looks like Twitter had a front row seat at the draft. Radio City Music Hall was dancing yesterday with 300-lb linemen, and 175-lb sports reporters with sore thumbs.'s a twit-cramp...give me a second's a twit-cramp...give me a second

I really like Twitter, and use Tweet Deck on my home computer, and TwitterBerry on my BlackBerry.  I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in February, but was surprised the how much hype surrounded the draft regarding the amount of  people (players, journalists, even the Commissioner) planning to Twitter live.

Between Pro Football Talk,Rich Eisen, Brian McCarthy,Peter King,L.A. Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer, and even Roger Goodell – I learned 8 times that Andre Smith went at #6 to the Bengals. 

I am going to save my rant regarding these unbelievable rookie contracts for another post, but the fact that this guy has $41MM in guaranteed money,


$41MM? Maybe in 2080

$41MM? Maybe in 2080 dollars


makes me want to sit down Peyton Manning & Tom Brady and scream at them “DO YOU KNOW THIS LITTLE SHIT IS MAKING MORE THAN THE TWO OF YOU COMBINED?!


Well, at least Tom Brady's wife can support him - she makes $35MM a year to his $23MM - and she looks hot in a thong

Well, at least Tom Brady's wife can support him - she makes $35MM a year to his $23MM - and she looks hot in a thong

No wonder Peyton Manning is in so many commercials! Those residual checks add up!

Something has to be done about rookie contracts, there is only going to be a continued wave of disdain among fans who already have to pay an average of  $100 per ticket. Everything associated with a NFL game is going up in cost ( concessions, parking, ticket prices, jerseys). How can the fans not be pissed?  The cost is passed onto us, so we can pay for these ridiculous contracts for unproven talent in the big leagues? So you won the Capital One Bowl – BIG FUCKING DEAL. I maxed out my Capital One credit card last week buying Chargers tickets.

 And with such big money attached to rookies, so is the pressure. Will Matthew Stafford be a sacrificial lamb ( or lion) this season? Or will Roger Goodell finally wake up and realize that the NFL might need to follow the NBA in terms of rookie contracts?

Feel outraged? Tweet him.