Only in LA

13 01 2010

Wow…talk about Holly-weird…this has been a crazy week in LA

First dealing with the Leno vs Conan debate ( has NBC lost their mind?).

Then we have the Golden Boy running from USC to become a head honcho in the Emerald City. ( Word on the street is that AD Mike Garrett wanted Carroll to clean house knowing that NCAA is about to impose some major sanctions, and Carroll wouldn’t, so Garrett “suggested” he take his new offer)

Who was going to be the new head coach? As of Tuesday, USC has already lost 6 committed freshman due to the coaching uncertainty. Cross-town the Bruins were getting all excited! Chaos at USC!!!

And then came the shocker – Lane Kiffin was coming back to town.

I have been fascinated with Lane Kiffin since the infamous Raiders press conference. Did they roll Al up from the crypt for this gem? What’s up with the overhead projector?Jesus that man is old! ( and CRAZY!)

On Tuesday, Kiffin was in Knoxville recruiting his pathetic heart out ( many people are saying the UT recruiting class is WAY better than USC’s class – sweet irony!), and on Wednesday night, he had left Tennessee and his $2MM + salary  and was back in LA and happy to be “home”.

You look like a traitor to me

To me, the most unfortunate part of this scenario is the players. If any player decided to do what Kiffin did, they would be denied athletic eligibility for a year. I understand that you don’t want kids running around and transferring every year, so it makes it a VERY BIG decision for an athlete to decide to switch schools.

But coaches can up and leave when they choose. Because Kiffin broke his contract with UT, he has to pay $800,000 back, but don’t think for a SECOND he  isn’t going to negotiate that USC actually pay for that for him.

So who wins? No one, except Kiffin.

Big time D 1 programs like UT & USC are all about recruiting. You need the players to elevate your status. So recruiting is everything. They go to homes, churches, grandparents homes of players, convincing them that their school will take care of their son. If a coach suddenly leaves, the players have no options, they are STUCK. And I think that sucks considering how much money the BCS, the conferences and schools are making from college football. Everyone is making so much money, and it needs to be approved for the players to get a $50 gift card.

Earlier in the season, Kiffin made a stir accusing Urban Meyer of “cheating”. Well, I think it’s safe to say that Knoxville feels pretty cheated right now.

Rock Solid!


Something’s Bruin

11 06 2009

lots of action in westwood….

On a positive note, my brother in-law (and roommate) Uncle Dave ( aka Uncle Dbag) just got back from an incredible trip overseas. He was part of Coaches Tour 2009, which was an incredible 8-day trip to US military bases around the world. The purpose of the trip was to support the troops, have soldiers meet their favorite college football head coaches, and give mini-clinics and sessions. Coaches included Rich Neuheisel (UCLA), Jimm Tressel ( Ohio State), Mack Brown (Texas), among others..

Uncle D had the unique opportunity to be the “intern” for the trip, which included duties like packing 3,000 boxes of swag for the troops in Kansas before departure, coordinating 8 head coaches, and figuring out how to charge an ipod on a DC-10 airliner. To Uncle D’s credit, he even managed to keep a blog about his 8 days through Germany, Spain, Iraq and Turkey. A truly one-in-a-lifetime experience. I even offered to help him do his laundry when he got home. I know, I know, where do I find the compassion?

On a different note, (and when I mean different, I mean “what the fuck” note). While listening to Dan Patrick this AM, UCLA sophomore  quarterback Chris Forcier was on defending his press release  stating that he is leaving UCLA to transfer to Furman University. Waaah? What’s the big deal? Who is this kid? And why is he talking to Mr. Mane?


Lots of product in that mop

Lots of product in that mop

Then, I got home and read the the press release.  Or should I say “fact release”. OMG – cmon kid, at least use spell check! As Uncle D works closely with the quaterbacks, I cannot wait to hear the inside scoop on this one. I will keep you posted. 

In the meantime,

FACT: When in doubt, just drink more wine. It’s the secret to living with a toddler and your brother-in-law.