9 09 2009

 After watching Roger Federer advance to the semi-finals of the US Open, my friend Sara twittered me tonite asking

“What is up with Gavin Rossdale sniffing Roger Federer’s jock?”

Great question Sara. Although this is nothing new. Gavin has been on the tennis scene for quite some time.

Every sport has their celebrity champion.

Billy Crystal and the LA Clippers. Russell Crowe and rugby. Celebrity fans can elevate your sport –  we can thank the Kardashians for the surge in slutty Saints fans.


Gavin likes to think of himself as a serious tennis player and fan. He frequently plays in celebrity tourneys from time to time, and says he hits 4-5 times a week.

An interview excerpt from Tennis Magazine earlier this year –

Have you had to cut back on your tennis at all since the arrival of your second little one? (Rossdale’s son Zuma was born in August 2008.)
No way, I’ve got to stay good for him. Being a musician, unless you’re doing promo, your day really doesn’t start until 12 or 1 p.m. It may go on until 1 a.m., but you have the mornings. So most mornings, five or six days a week, I’m doing stuff.

Okay, okay. I am some major issues with some of the above statments.

“Being a musician” – your last top ten hit was in 1995, so I think that now makes you a “producer”.  

Also – “most mornings I am doing stuff” – does that include spending time with your kids if you are out all night? Or is this when you get in your tennis time?


I guess you are doing sit-ups 5 days a week instead of carpool

I guess you are doing sit-ups 5 days a week instead of carpool

I don’t blame the guy – he should be staring in the new “Househusbands of Hollywood” show – with Gwen raking it in from music and her clothing line – all Gavin has to do is sit around and be British.

So, since Gavin has some time on his hands – what better way to spend it then by becoming a rabid fan of the #1 mens tennis player in the world.  It appears that where Roger goes, so does Gavin.


Why the fuck are you waving? Are you the Queen?

Why the fuck are you waving? Are you the Queen?

Is he just trying to sit close to Brooklyn Decker?

Is he just trying to sit close to Brooklyn Decker?


Gwen: "Don't Speak"

Gwen: "Don't Speak"


Mirka finally says "ENOUGH!"

Mirka finally says "ENOUGH!"

So take note my friends. When you finally become rich and famous, and then become not famous but still rich, but then marry someone who allows you to become even richer – it is important to take up an important cause. This cause will continue to keep you relevant in the public’s eye, even if it continues to remind the public that you are a total douche-bag.


Training Camp

3 08 2009

NFL training camp started last week.

TO is still a Buffallo Bill, Favre is not a Viking, and Romo reported to camp without Yoko Romo.


Giving bad mojo since 2007

Giving bad mojo since 2007

Some juicy pics came across my desk earlier this week of #1 Draft pick and Detroit Lion, Matthew Stafford. Looks like he enjoyed his summer, and also enjoys boats and bikinis.



Now, I was 22 once, and when I was 22,  I spent a lot of  time in bar, but I was making $28,000 (guaranteed), not $40 Million.  Let’s hope Staffy lives up to his big paycheck. And let’s hope this is the last year that an un-proved 22 year olds get this type of guaranteed money. What’s the incentive when you already have $40 Million in the bank? Have an even BIGGER boat party?

Joe Buck Show (or Shit Show)

16 06 2009

Last night, Joe Buck Live  premiered on HBO. Premiered might be a strong word – flambéed – might be more appropriate.

I don’t hide my disdain for Joe Buck. Legacies as a whole annoy me. That’s right. Gwenyth Paltrow, Charlie Sheen, Roger Clinton – they all annoy me.

So I was loving the news today about how badly the show bombed. You don’t need to take my word for it.

Just Watch


Still a hack

Still a hack

What’s Next? Naked Tennis?

20 05 2009


I want to know who the investors for the Lingerie Football League are-

I mean seriously – if you are a true sports fan – this is the absolute lowpoint.

Have we reached the lowest? In order to compete with “American Idol”, or “Dancing with People Who Used to Be Stars” – has sports entered the reality arena, but desperately trying to paint is an authentic? Or is it just of horny, misogynistic, out-of-work Wall Street fuckos trying to capitalize ( no pun intended) on the NEXT BIG THING?


Because this screams authentic...

Because this screams authentic...


All the Title IX bullshit aside, 

how is this supposed to be helpful to 1) WOMEN 2)FOOTBALL 3) LINGERIE?

With names like Seattle Mist or Atlanta Steam – it’s like going to the brothel without any of the benefits.

The only “Los Angeles Temptation”  that I will indulge this month is the Lakers run to the finals.

Kiss My Ass

23 04 2009

Is there anything worse than the Kiss Cam? 

There are few things I hate when going to see a basketball game – 1) when  my husband eats all my nachos 2) having to take an emergency #2 in the gross public restrooms 3) the thought that I might be on the Kiss Cam with an empty nacho container on my lap


Maybe red and white aren't my best colors...where are my nachos?

Maybe red and white aren't my best colors...where are my nachos?



The chances on being on the jumbotron are completely ridiculous – but still the possibility of being 1 out of 55,000 people on screen makes my palms sweat – and therefore eat more nachos.

At when you go to Lakers games – the chances of being on the Kiss Cam are 100% if  you are a)  a hot celebrity couple and b) not completley wasted 


Cry me a river

Cry me a river



The one “public event show of affection” idea that might be worse than the Kiss Cam – is the “half-time proposal” – cause nothing says “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you” like being stared and laughed at by a huge crowd of drunk people ( oh wait…was that my wedding? anyways..)


This video makes me cringe every time I watch it. I feel for the girl,  I can understand why she runs off the court from her beau’s scary facial hair.

Even better, you have the old fart announcers laughing at a hypothetical “what if she says no” – and then are shocked when she actually does. It’s like they saw a framework for a pick and roll before it was executed – you know, like what COMMENTATORS are supposed to do. Look at her body language! It’s like she is screaming ” Get me the FUCK out of here. I thought I was going to shoot a 3-pointer for $10,000. This bastard set me up!”

But these farts, are actually SURPRISED that they called it right – that is why they are a hack announcers in a mid-tier city.

But back to the happy couple, I bet you they are in fact STILL a couple,  but have just made the silent agreement to never go to a Kings game again.