Hello – welcome to my blog!

I have always been a fan of nicknames, and one of the best ones I given was in teens – when I played a lot of tennis. “Treeing” is a common tennis slang term used when someone is playing out of their mind, hitting shots that are winners, but yet accidental. Needless to say, this is how I played during much of my tennis career. Hence I got the name “Tree Machine”.

I have always been a sports lover, so this blog will primarily revolve around the sports world, my thoughts on what’s going on – but don’t be surprised if I sometimes talk about my one-year old daughter, or the latest US Weekly cover.


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30 01 2009

Great site. I agree – the Super Bowl is a waning enterprise. NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol called it a “tough slog” to sell the remaining ad inventory.

13 02 2009
ginger bread kid esq.

Nice site. But you are wrong.
The greatest nickname ever given was “the party pooper”
to a girl I grew up with that shit her pants at a party.

Other than that, you have something nice going here.

17 02 2009
Miranda's Mom

So right about Lance Kiffin. . . . let’s see if he can do anything about the atrocious and embarassing Tennessee graduation rate. 40% of African American football players graduate, it’s an NFL farm team, Peyton Manning notwithstanding. Nice site, see ya!

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