Wildcat – A Baby Cougar?

22 09 2009

I had the pleasure of watching MNF with Uncle Dave last night. Hubs was working late, and so does Uncle Dave usually, but since this week is a  bye week, he has been hanging around the house more.

For those of you who don’t know, Uncle D coaches football at the only university in LA that still is undefeated. ZING!

Go Bruins!!

Go Bruins!!

We watched the Dolphins work the Colts defense,  and despite having possession of the ball for 45 minutes of the game, the Dolphins still lost.

Watching Ricky Williams and co. on offense, Uncle D yelled “Wildcat”

Since I was folding laundry, I didn’t immediately ask what he meant, but when he yelled it again 5 minutes later ( “Wildcat AGAIN!”) I had to interject -“Dave, are you talking to me?”

I soon learned that wildcat is an offense formation in football, where the quarterback is taken out of the play, or made a receiver. In order to run this type of play, the running back in essence acts as the quarterback snapping the ball to confuse the defense.



Look for more sports jargon updates – or if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me an email!




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