Training Camp

3 08 2009

NFL training camp started last week.

TO is still a Buffallo Bill, Favre is not a Viking, and Romo reported to camp without Yoko Romo.


Giving bad mojo since 2007

Giving bad mojo since 2007

Some juicy pics came across my desk earlier this week of #1 Draft pick and Detroit Lion, Matthew Stafford. Looks like he enjoyed his summer, and also enjoys boats and bikinis.



Now, I was 22 once, and when I was 22,  I spent a lot of  time in bar, but I was making $28,000 (guaranteed), not $40 Million.  Let’s hope Staffy lives up to his big paycheck. And let’s hope this is the last year that an un-proved 22 year olds get this type of guaranteed money. What’s the incentive when you already have $40 Million in the bank? Have an even BIGGER boat party?




One response

7 08 2009

Oh Jean, don’t you know, it’s the Lions??? Otherwise known as the team who will pay out big money for little, unproven talent.

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