Boy Gets His Vitamins ( round 2)

4 06 2009

Well, you have to hand it to David Stern. I have been hooked to the NBA playoffs since Round 1 Boston v Chicago. I think my Chicago friend summed up the series best by saying

” Loving Joakim Noah right now, she’s awesome!”

For the past six weeks, all the chatter eventually moves toward Kobe v Lebron. Lakers v Cavs in the Finals. It was going to be stuff that sports journalists dream  and marketing executives dream of – the meeting of the two best players in the NBA – would the elder statesmen prevail? Or would the torch be passed to the new face of the NBA?

Commercials were rolling out –

Vitamin Water


UH- OH. Then the prodigal son doesn’t get to the Finals ( too many State Farm commercials?)

Is  Dwight Howard soon to be anointed the new prodigal son? Last time the Magic went to the NBA finals was 1995, where they were led by the former-former prodigal son, Shaq. Ohhh – I love coincidences! Makes me feel better about being a Sammy Sosa fan.

What are the chances that he picked up a bad bat?!?!? WEIRD!

What are the chances that he picked up a bad bat?!?!? WEIRD!

Anyways – are the marketing executive crying in their mojitos because the Kobe/Lebron showdown isn’t going to happen? Well, Vitamin Water isn’t. And here is sneak peak of the new commercial airing TONIGHT during Game 1

Kudos to Vitamin Water for reacting so quickly. And kudos to Dwight Howard for having arms like Madonna’s.




2 responses

4 06 2009

Kudo’s to vitaminwater’s marketing firm more like it. I hear Zambezi’s managing director is so dreamy.

5 06 2009

And where’s the Dwight Howard puppet????

Great site, Jean.

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