What’s Next? Naked Tennis?

20 05 2009


I want to know who the investors for the Lingerie Football League are-

I mean seriously – if you are a true sports fan – this is the absolute lowpoint.

Have we reached the lowest? In order to compete with “American Idol”, or “Dancing with People Who Used to Be Stars” – has sports entered the reality arena, but desperately trying to paint is an authentic? Or is it just of horny, misogynistic, out-of-work Wall Street fuckos trying to capitalize ( no pun intended) on the NEXT BIG THING?


Because this screams authentic...

Because this screams authentic...


All the Title IX bullshit aside, 

how is this supposed to be helpful to 1) WOMEN 2)FOOTBALL 3) LINGERIE?

With names like Seattle Mist or Atlanta Steam – it’s like going to the brothel without any of the benefits.

The only “Los Angeles Temptation”  that I will indulge this month is the Lakers run to the finals.




One response

26 05 2009

I like that their “jersey” number is on their ass cheek. I’d want to be #2 and my name would be Chicago Fire (unless there is some copyright infringement with the hockey team..or is it football?..baseball? whatever!).

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