Twitter Mania

26 04 2009

The NFL draft was yesterday – well, technically it’s still going on today – but who really cares about rounds 3-7?

Yesterday, I also received more than 700 updates via my Twitter account. I follow a lot of sports people, and it looks like Twitter had a front row seat at the draft. Radio City Music Hall was dancing yesterday with 300-lb linemen, and 175-lb sports reporters with sore thumbs.'s a twit-cramp...give me a second's a twit-cramp...give me a second

I really like Twitter, and use Tweet Deck on my home computer, and TwitterBerry on my BlackBerry.  I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in February, but was surprised the how much hype surrounded the draft regarding the amount of  people (players, journalists, even the Commissioner) planning to Twitter live.

Between Pro Football Talk,Rich Eisen, Brian McCarthy,Peter King,L.A. Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer, and even Roger Goodell – I learned 8 times that Andre Smith went at #6 to the Bengals. 

I am going to save my rant regarding these unbelievable rookie contracts for another post, but the fact that this guy has $41MM in guaranteed money,


$41MM? Maybe in 2080

$41MM? Maybe in 2080 dollars


makes me want to sit down Peyton Manning & Tom Brady and scream at them “DO YOU KNOW THIS LITTLE SHIT IS MAKING MORE THAN THE TWO OF YOU COMBINED?!


Well, at least Tom Brady's wife can support him - she makes $35MM a year to his $23MM - and she looks hot in a thong

Well, at least Tom Brady's wife can support him - she makes $35MM a year to his $23MM - and she looks hot in a thong

No wonder Peyton Manning is in so many commercials! Those residual checks add up!

Something has to be done about rookie contracts, there is only going to be a continued wave of disdain among fans who already have to pay an average of  $100 per ticket. Everything associated with a NFL game is going up in cost ( concessions, parking, ticket prices, jerseys). How can the fans not be pissed?  The cost is passed onto us, so we can pay for these ridiculous contracts for unproven talent in the big leagues? So you won the Capital One Bowl – BIG FUCKING DEAL. I maxed out my Capital One credit card last week buying Chargers tickets.

 And with such big money attached to rookies, so is the pressure. Will Matthew Stafford be a sacrificial lamb ( or lion) this season? Or will Roger Goodell finally wake up and realize that the NFL might need to follow the NBA in terms of rookie contracts?

Feel outraged? Tweet him.




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