Dr. No

23 02 2009


This past week was the NBA trade deadline. And the biggest trade to hit the press was Tyson Chandler from the New Orealean Hornets – to the Oklahoma City Thunder  (by the way –  couldn’t  they think of a better name? Is there nothing else in Oklahoma besides bad weather?)


Was "Dust-Bowlers" already taken?

Was "Dust-Bowlers" already taken?

Anyways, Chandler has been hurt for majority of last season and this season. And his trade was purely financial – New Oreleans owners did not want to pay the luxury tax on their salary cap. So they sent Chandler packing.

Now, I didn’t know this, but every trade is pending a physical. Well, Chandler had toe surgery last year ( April 2007) that was performed by Dr. Carlan Yates.

Chandler turns up for this physical in Oklahoma City, and the physican is THE SAME DOCTOR – Dr. Yates. 

I would think this would be an advantage – I mean, he will be evlauating his own work – its kind of like your dad being your basketball coach – you know that you will get extra minutes – right?

Well, Dr. Yates failed Chandler during his physical – saying ” I don’t know how long you can last on it ( his toe.)”  Doesn’t this say something about your work Dr. Yates?

Okay, call me crazy. But Chandler has played this season already, and SOMEBODY had to give him a clean bill of health to play. SOMEONE thought that his toe was up to snuff.

And talk about a mind-job this will put on poor Tyson Chandler. First traded ( knowing it’s purely financial), then trade rejected (knowing it’s purely his body) – and now he has to return to the team who 1) thinks they are paying too much for him, and 2) knows that no one else wants him.

Are you sure we aren’t talking about David Beckham?


His toe looks fine to me!

His toe looks fine to me!




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25 02 2009

Just wanted to point out how you used to work for the Chicago Fire, an equal (if not superior) celebration of negativity

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