Trojan Horse?

16 02 2009

Ok…I live in LA, so our “professional” football team is USC. But recently, my allegiance has swithced to UCLA 

1) my brother-in-law ( aka Uncle D) works for UCLA football

2) I look a lot better in baby blue

So the past year, it has been kind of fun to see USC lose their spot at the top. Coaches defecting, former players sucking, Pete Carroll showing his confidence in departing quarterback, Mark Sanchez, at Sanchez’s press conference.


Can't even high five?

Can't even high five?

But the more I learn about Lane Kiffin, the more I see how he was groomed in the USC school of arrogance ( or an MBA for the rest of the world). Since getting the boot from “Skeletor-Mummy Man” Al Davis early in the 2008 season, Kiffin is darn-tootin’ creating a stir already at Tennessee and the SEC.

Stealing assistant coaches, publicly ridiculing other head coaches – we’ll see how long his reign at Tennessee lasts. Lauded at a prodigy, head coach of the Radiers at 31,and now head of Tennessee at 33…he has a lot of prove after being fired by the Raiders after 4 games.

Now I know Davis is about as lucid as Amy Winehouse, but you have to give the old man credit for refusing to pay Kiffin the $6 million on his contract “for cause”.

Now, reading in this week’s SI, what really incensed me is the first line in the article, about Lane meeting and becoming engaged to his wife within 3 months.

When Lane Kiffin first met Layla Reaves, he didn’t court her so much as recruit her.. “When Lane sets his mind to something, he get’s it,” Layla says. “He can coerce you into anything..”


I am sure he loved you instantly for your Trebek-ish trivia knowledge...I quit

I am sure he loved you instantly for your Trebek-ish trivia knowledge...I quit

For the birth of their 3rd child this January, he was in the delivery room on the phone recruiting, and left go to back to Tennessee 48 hours after the baby was born.


…oh and PS, orange is the WORST color.





2 responses

17 02 2009
Alonso Velasco

Cool blog. Kiffin was a punk well before he ever got to USC.

17 02 2009
Miranda's mom

Two more items: scary pic of Layla Kiffin, and yes, she will fit right in here in Tenn, where women are actually named for songs.

Also, have you read the incredible article in NY Times mag this weekend re Shane Battier and the new sports analytics?

Michael Lews, how Battier has an amazing impact on his teams without scoring points. Say what you will about Duke, hard to beat a smart player. He is one of the few guys who can neutralize Kobe.

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