Happy Day

13 02 2009

Yesterday was a great day in my sports world, because 2 things that I rarely get to see – happened in the same day!

1) Brett Favre retired

2) UNC beat Duke


Its not everyday that a future NFL Hall of Famer quaterback retires(well, its been 10 months since his last one), but still I feel that Brett might not be finished.

Watching the endless coverage that I had to endure last summer over his first retirement/re-instatment, I felt like I was watching a deer in headlights when he ended up a Jet.

Greatness is usually accompanied by a monstrous ego – and to see Green Bay shed their “Minnesota Nice” ( I know Green Bay is in Wisconsin!) demenor, and release the best quaterback in their franchise history – I was impressed. 

And I think Favre crapped his pants. So when his saggy ass ended up in NY, I think he was the most shocked of anyone.


That smile looks convincing....

That smile looks convincing....

But, as is the saga with Brett Favre – I think he will try and pull something else. Do you really think he is going back to Mississippi and just kick back in his Wranglers?

There are two reasons why I hate Duke so much

1) When I lived in Minneapolis, my roommate went to Duke, and even dated a Duke basketball player while she was a student. So during the season, the games would always be on, having to hear her stories over and over again about Cameron, constantly using the first person plural to describe the tribulations of the team ( “we had a tough January road schedule”)

2) Don’t they seem really square? They work together as a team, over 90% graduates, upstanding citizens ( minus the DUIs)…..oh I get it, it’s how college athletics should be…my bad.


Do it to me Shelden...you're an animal Shelden...

Do it to me Shelden...you're an animal Shelden...

But it was so great to see Tyler Hansbrough go 4-0 at Cameron ( only one out of two players to ever do that). The game was close until the last 10 minutes, and then the place just got quiet. I also am a die-hard Jayhawks fan, so I still cheer for Roy at all times ( except against KU)


"I don't give a shit about the North Carolina job"

"I don't give a shit about the North Carolina job"

But the best thing about seeing Duke lose at home is seeing the Cameron go from crazy to cranky. You can imagine the students muttering to themselves as they leave Cameron, “Well, at least in 10 years, they will be working for us.” As long as you stay off the lacrosse team…




3 responses

13 02 2009

great captions. i like the blog. duke is nerdy.

12 02 2009

Jean I guess I don’t know you as well as I thought. I have ingrained in my head the toast that you gave at Peter’s rehearsal with ear muffs on for dinners at the Raih house to muffle the sports talk. Me clueless that you were a sports blogger. I love it! The Chastain abbs….I’m still working on getting mine back too. Take care

17 02 2009

omg. Brett’s face in that pic is classic! I think it’s the exact same face taylor makes when she drops a load in her pants.

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