Super Bowl recap

4 02 2009

The ads were OK – better than last year – but this year, my focus was really on the game. We were cheering for the Cardinals – and thought for a minute they had it.. But alas, they scored too early and Pittsburgh had a chance to get it back down the field.

But, in terms of the ads –  my favorite were:


We can all relate to having a job you hate, and even more so to hating your boss who drinks liquid gold at happy hour


Great graphics, great soundtrack, and a much needed break from all the “football, boobs and beer” that tend to dominate ads during football. It made me really want to go on  a picnic


Alec Baldwin is comedy genius, and I tend to laugh at anything he says, even if marginally funny. Also, this is the best website, and a total time suck ( Facebook still the #1 time suck – but Hulu is #2). I have watched all Family Guy episodes already – they need to load more.

Worst Ads:

What the hell Go Daddy? I mean, we have 10 year old kid watching the game who can easily go to a computer and see your PORN! I guess it has really come to this, but really? Danica Patrick? How can you seriously be a spokesperson? In the shower? When does your DVD  Stick-Shift Up The Ass come out?




One response

17 02 2009

I will chuckle at anything Alec Baldwin says even if the tv is on mute. Sorry, no insightful comments from me on the super “crap” bowl except the Cardinals totally pulled a chicago bears maneuver there at the end (not that the Bears would ever make it to the super bowl). I can’t even remember exactly what happened except that they had a GREAT PLAY and could have clenched the big win …. and then TOTALLY BLEW it! losers.

Also, I thought the half time show BLEW but then again I’m not obsessed with the Boss like the rest of the world. Bring Britney back so at least we can witness a train-wreck!

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