Super Crap-Bowl

30 01 2009


I mean – does anyone really care about the Super Bowl this year?

Journalists have been down in Tampa this whole week, and they are talking about anything else besides the Super Bowl. They would rather talk about the new stimulus plan( setting aside $350MM for teaching teenagers about sexually transmitted diseases), the eateries of Tampa, and even desperate enough to talk about Blago’s hair brush, which he actually calls a “football”. (GET IT?!??! – Grasping at STRAWS much!?!) His brush of choice is a Paul Mitchell paddle brush, which I think was discontinued in

But, if this was the end result, wouldn’t you want to have that special little buddy around?

nice feathering!

nice feathering!

I mean, I have as much to talk about the Super Bowl as everybody else does. Well, at least its an excuse to drink beer and eat guacamole all day. And at least it isn’t the Cardnials v. Ravens – then everyone would really be GRASPING at straws, or flat-irons.

I would like to see the Cardinals win – so there is my enthusiastic pick. Really, I want to see pictures of Leinhart at the after-party.




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