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25 01 2009

my parents are cleaning out their attic – which is a noble effort. They are both young – my mom isn’t even 60 yet – but I think having spent the past 5 years having to clean THEIR parents attics has caused them to go on the offensive.

Therefore, all the relics of my past are being brought down – and each time I come down for a visit, there are 2 or 3 new boxes of CRAP for me to go though. The last visit had the expected items – old camp photos, horrible letters I wrote and received from 1988-1992 that should of just been burned upon receipt, but I did find the 1999 SI Cover from the Women’s World Cup victory.

That summer, I worked for the Chicago Fire, and got farmed out to the Women’s World Cup for a week or two because Solider Field hosted a few games. That was  a great summer.


My husband says that I am reminiscent of Brandi Chastain, but he said that in 2001 when we were quasi-dating, and was obviously just trying to sleep with me. My abs currently are more like Jabba the Hut.




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30 01 2009
Murph Dawg

I remember saying that in 2001 as well

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